Pepsi vs Coke


If you were presented with two job offers and they were the same in everything except for different companies, what criteria would you use to make your choice.

What if one of the job offers were from Pepsi corporation and the other from Cocoa Cola?

Would you include taset of the sodas as a part of your method of selection?

Taste of Influence

Vanilla is a common favorite taste of most people. One of the many common places that this taste is found is in ice cream. But if cocoa cola is more popular than ice cream one still cannot compare the two because that would fall into the category of comparing apples with oranges. However coke has injected the taste of vanilla into one of it’s few choices which did make it a little more popular. So if you love the smell and taste of vanilla then would that influence you to take the job at Cocoa Cola instead? Or are there other nifty flavors that just drive you wild instead?

Ah! Wild Cherry! Have you tasted all the flavors of Pepsi, I have’nt but from my knowledge there have been about 16 of them but don’t take my word for it, do your own research. If you are like millions of other people when it comes on to wild cherry then can I take the liberty of saying that wild cherry will drive you wild with that succelent taste? One of the best tasting flavors of Pepsi that I have ever enjoyed is the wild cherry flavor.

To tell you the truth I like both Pepsi and Coke. So if I were in the job choice dilema presented above I would to two things: Flip a coin to make my choice and get a year’s supply of both Pepsi and Coke.


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